Putting the func
in functional specs

Being able to build stuff that does things is how I like to describe my work. When the thing does a thing it's time to make it do the thing in a nice way.

In a more formal setting one might say things like:

  1. Web Applications

    SPA, MPA, SSR, SSG, API and most likely some DIY.

  2. Corporate websites

    Wordpress, react, Jekyll, 11ty or plain ol' html?

    Consider it done.

  3. Info, edu & entertainment

    Quiz apps, training and e-learning, kiosks, games and what-have-you.

  4. Custom development

    UI design, UX development and then some.
    Let's chat.

Watch those pixels dance.

Wether it's your standard 'boring' corporate website or some crazy, very out there idea, let's make it pop.


  1. Logo of Bad Gateway, Inc.
  2. Logo of Playboy / Sanoma media
  3. Logo of eRoutes / Imagine Run BV
  4. Logo of Embreate
  5. Logo of TD Bank
  6. Logo of heamnet
  7. Logo of Arriva Nederland
  8. Logo of Saft batteries
  9. Logo of Underknown
  10. Logo of Oostblok media

Let's make that browser sing.

Check out the contact page, it's really neat.